A+M Gift Voucher

From £5.00

Not sure which pot to buy as a gift? We’ve got you covered with our beautiful gift voucher.

It’s an elegant, physical card in a sleeve that we’ll fill out and can send to you, or directly to your lovely recipient.

We'll add up the total you add to your basket and send one voucher for the full amount.

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Always With Drainage

All Anther + Moss pots have a drainage hole and come with a matching saucer.

We do this because it's not enough to have a plant pot that looks nice, it also needs to be a great place for a plant to live.

We'll never release a plant pot on aesthetics alone.

Stunning, minimalist pots

"Stunning, minimalist concrete pots that make a big statement but allow your choice of plants to take centre stage, too." - Dominic

Beautiful and practical

"Pots that are both beautiful and practical - they look good while having drainage holes and matching trays to keep my plants happy :)" - Gemma

The pots are excellent

"The pots are excellent, really pleased with how they look. Great customer service too" - Richard