A+M Gift Voucher

From £5.00

Note: Last order date for gift vouchers is Tues 21st at midday 🎄

Not sure which pot to buy as a gift? We’ve got you covered with our beautiful gift voucher.

It’s an elegant, physical card in a sleeve that we’ll fill out and can send to you, or directly to your lovely recipient.

We'll add up the total you add to your basket and send one voucher for the full amount.

Shipping & Returns

Help your plants thrive and your home feel calm

Anther + Moss pots are great places for your plants to live.

Overwatering is the UK's number one killer of houseplants.

All our pots come with a drainage hole, and matching saucer, keep overwatering at bay, and help your plant thrive.

Choose the perfect pot

1. Select your plant - the first step is knowing what plant you want a new home for

2. Use our matching guide - different plants have different needs, we'll show you what works

3. Start measuring - when repotting, go up 2 or 3 cm from it's current pot

The A+M Promise

We only sell pots that make happy homes for houseplants.

Our pots elevate how your plants look, creating something more beautiful than the sum of its parts.

Plus, if you're not happy we accept returns, for any reason at all, within 3 months of purchase.