The Edith

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Tulip shaped, concrete plant pot with drainage hole and matching saucer, in bare concrete.

This pot is unlined concrete. It's porous, and will gradually develop a beautiful patina.

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Always With Drainage

All Anther + Moss pots have a drainage hole and come with a matching saucer.

We do this because it's not enough to have a plant pot that looks nice, it also needs to be a great place for a plant to live.

We'll never release a plant pot on aesthetics alone.

Stunning, minimalist pots

"Stunning, minimalist concrete pots that make a big statement but allow your choice of plants to take centre stage, too." - Dominic

Beautiful and practical

"Pots that are both beautiful and practical - they look good while having drainage holes and matching trays to keep my plants happy :)" - Gemma

The pots are excellent

"The pots are excellent, really pleased with how they look. Great customer service too" - Richard

Porous Pots, Perfect Patina

This pot is porous, so will slowly develop a gorgeous patina.

It comes from the water that's absorbed by, and evaporates from, the pot each time you water your plant.