Before we start let’s be clear: any plant inside your home, in any pot, is great. The most important thing is that it’s there.

It’s unequivocal that plants help us relax. Helping people bring plants into their homes is a huge motivator for us at Anther + Moss. We are first hand experiencers (and lovers) of the little moments of calm that indoor plants can bring to otherwise stressful days. As pretty much every single plant influencer post says: plant care is self care.

Also… plants are nice to look at

All that said, the primary reason most of us bring plants into our homes is that they look nice. The mental health stuff is just the plant’s side hustle.

Here’s what Chloe from Insidestore, London says on how a well placed plant provides the perfect finishing touch to a room.

At Insidestore, we’re all about minimalist shapes and pops of colour and find that adding a plant and a stylish plant pot really adds the finishing touches to any room.

It’s no secret that houseplants are the perfect way to add a bit of life to a home. Whether you’re short on space or looking to fill a gap in the room. That’s the beauty of houseplants there really is something for everyone…

From little succulents perched cutely on the windowsill or shelf to a statement Kentia Palm bringing the outdoors indoors to a minimalist living space.

Deciding the right place for your plant and pot can be tricky, if you want to add dimension then hanging plants are perfect and decorate any plain wall and they don’t take up too much space, perfect for London flat owners.

When choosing a spot for your plant you need to think of a few things, will it get enough light and is it ok to be in darker spots like high shelves… With this in mind when selecting your pot you can then start to imagine the styling and pick the perfect spot.

We love the classic concrete look and this is why we fell in love with the Anther + Moss pots in Ash and Charcoal. You can’t go wrong with the grey tones when choosing a plant pot, it makes it a lot easier to style.


An Anthurium Clarinervium in a 21cm Dalton, in Ash.

What we’ve learned about getting plants to look their best

Making your plants go from looking good to looking spectacular is all about matching them with the right pots. Chloe is absolutely right that the grey tones of the bare Concrete, Ash and Charcoal means it’s hard to go far wrong, but the opportunity still remains to get it very very right.

Learning what really works has been a gradual process for us. We do rather more potting than most people, and each time we hit upon a really successful plant/pot match we note it down. Over the past year we developed a set of guidelines for each pot… Here’s a summary of what we’ve learned.

(For more per pot specifics, check out the Plant Matching section on each of our product pages).

Colour matching

Sansevieria Cylindrica 'Handshake' in 18cm Bentham, in Concrete

Ash and bare Concrete are neutral enough to go with almost anything, but their forte is bright colours and leaves with really good contrast. Choose between them based on whether you want a porous or non-porous pot.

Charcoal and Brick work best with darker leaf colours. If you have more of a dark (or vivid) green, or it includes variegation, go for the Charcoal. Brick excels when the colours are tending towards black, brown or purple.

Shape Matching

We regularly hear people immediately write off square plant pots. This is a shame because, yes, they can look very bad… but they can also look spectacular. It’s about choosing the right plant.

Square pots need plants with long and pointed, or angular leaves. Lots of Alocasias work really well in square pots, and it’s verging on criminal when a Kentia Palm is in anything but. The best square pot match we’ve come up with, though, is a Sansevieria Cylindrica 'Handshake' in one of the upcoming 18cm concrete Benthams.

The Edith is an elegant pot for elegant plants. The best descriptor we’ve come up with for plants that match well with it is sculptural. A Desert Candle cactus works beautifully, Aspidistras look amazing, and so do Snake Plants.

Round pots will never let you down. A Dalton will never be a bad match, but where it looks its best is with plants that have either round leaves, or an overall round shape. Think Monstera Deliciosas, Rubber Plants, Chinese Evergreens, and most cacti/succulents.

Putting it together

While there are great, safe options available (hello Dalton in Ash👋), choosing the perfect pot pairing for your plant is simple. Look at the plant shape, leaf shape and colours, then follow our guidelines to get a beautiful pairing with an Anther + Moss pot.

(For plants that work well with specific A+M pots have a look at the Plant Matching section on our product pages.)

Alocasia Reginula in 12cm Dalton in Brick

We’ll share as we learn

Plant styling is an on-going journey for us. We’ll share everything we learn right here on the A+M Blog.

If you’ve found this post helpful, would like to hear more on plant/pot matching, or have tips of your own let us know in the comments below.

Finally, have you got a great plant/pot match you want to share? Maybe you followed our rules and got great results… or have an amazing match that totally proves us wrong? Tag us on instagram or use hashtag #myantherandmoss

Thanks to Insidestore for their contribution to this blog post.

About Insidestore:

At Insidestore we house a curated collection of modern furniture & lighting, homewares and lifestyle accessories which includes plant and stylish plant pots.

Our style is relaxed, modern and approachable. You'll spot that all of our products have a common design aesthetic: they're simple, stylish and thoughtfully designed, with an understated yet playful personality. We believe homes should be designed to be lived in.  @insidestoreldn

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